Mobile ready web portal and online forms for collecting visitors' information and turning them into paying customers

EZCollab's features are unique and so powerful that many customers have started their online service business from ground up using it.

EZCollab has Transformed US Legal PRO's core business (A User Story):

US Legal PRO- An Electronic Filing Service Provider for Courts has been able to create a totally new business using EZCollab. Read their story in their own words below:

In one of our meetings, one of our team members suggested that we should utilize our knowledge of uncontested divorce and combine it with EZCollab and allow customers to create divorce petition and pay for it online. Online divorce sites are everywhere and this was a new idea for our business so we were a little hesitant. Also, online divorce industry is huge so it is hard to compete.

Regardless, we gave it a shot as it was one day of effort to gather requirements. To our surprise, the first month we went live with the form we received 21 requests for divorce and since then we have been getting many more requests. The idea worked! EZCollab has leveled the playing field for us in competing with big guys.

-- US Legal PRO

Portals created for US Legal PRO using EZCollab platform:

Uncontested Divorce
eFile 4 Me

Imagine having web portals and forms similar to what US Legal PRO has for your own business. If you can imagine it, then you are ready for EZCollab.

Visitors are like investors and you are given just a few seconds to persuade them into investing in your service. You need their undivided attention! Don’t distract them with your website. Use EZCollab to make them focused.

EZCollab is a must have tool if you are:
  • An aspiring entrepreneur who is trying to start a business and have service to provide.
  • A business who wants to capture customer information online including payments and keep customers engaged and focused.

We will do the work- We will create the web portal and forms for you - Just tell us your requirement

Landing page matters- You will have your own domain hosting the forms ( This allows you to advertise your company as well as form page itself.


  1. We develop portal and forms tailor made to fit your requirements and maintain them.
  2. You will have your own domain hosting your forms thereby making your customer's experience great.
  3. You will be able to collaborate with your customer around forms.

Typical Use Cases:

  1. Capturing family law (Divorce, Decree of Divorce, etc.) related data by Law Firms and auto creating PDF Petition.
  2. Capturing immigration (H-1B, Green Card, etc.) related data by Law Firms and auto creating Application .
  3. Capturing responses from parents by schools.
  4. Capturing employee related information by organizations.
  5. Others...

How to get started?

Please email us at or call us at 847-220-7008 for a demo and to discuss your requirements.


Since each form is created per your requirement, we provide custom pricing. Typically a form creation cost anywhere from $100 to $300 depending on the complexity of the form. Typical monthly cost ranges from $100 to $500 per month. If you have recently graduated and are trying to start your business, we can give you a discount. Please contact us for details.


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