Order of Contempt

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STATE OF TEXAS  §             IN THE _____________________  
VS. §             DISTRICT COURT            
____________________________ §             DALLAS COUNTY, TEXAS  
CAUSE NUMBER: ______________________  
That on this the   day of  ,  , the said Court bein in session and the above 
named and numbered cause then being on trail, the person by the of      did 
then and there commit the following acts, to wit: 
And did  thereby willfully interrupt the business of the Court and impair the respect due to its 
authority.  The Court, having the duty to require that proceedings shall be conducted with dignity 
and in an orderly and expeditious manner and to so control the proceedings that justice is done, 
and the said      , being now still present, it is ordered and adjudged that he/she, 
the said      , is in direct contempt of this Court in so committing the said acts 
and it is further ORDERED that the said       be punished by confinement in the 
Dallas County Jail for     and by payment of a fine in the amount of $   , 
and that the said      be remanded to the Sheriff of Dallas County, Texas, 
accompanied by certified copy of this Order of Contempt until said      be 
discharged therefrom according to law.. 
SIGNED AND ENTERED this________ day of ______________, 20____  at 
 , . 
Judge,                       District Court, Dallas County Texas 
Gary Fitzsimmons 
District Clerk 
Dallas County, Texas 
By: ___________________________________________  
Deputy District Clerk 
Digitized 12/19/2012