Exhibit Retrieval Form (Court Reporter)

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CAUSE NUMBER:  _____________________      
COURT NUMBER:  _____________________ 
STYLE OF CASE:     ____________________________________ 
# Envelopes  _________  # Posters  _________  # Books  _________  # Misc.           _________ 
___________________________________  _____________________                              
          Signature of Court Reporter or               Date 
                        Court Clerk 
Note:  If you are a visiting court report substituting for a regular court reporter, please put 
your telephone number and address in the space below. 
Address: _____________________________________________ 
Telephone: _____________________________________________ 
Note:  Call the Exhibits Coordinator approximately 15 minutes before picking up the exhibit 
from the Exhibit Office on the Basement Floor in Records.  This allows the coordinator time 
to retrieve the exhibit and shorten the court reports waiting time. 
When returning the exhibit, fill out the “Exhibit Transfer Form” and give it to the court clerk 
who will return it to the Exhibit Coordinator by inter-office mail.